PT. Tunasjaya Multi Prima is the Authorized Distributor Pulsarlube in Indonesia.

About Pulsarlube

Pulsarlube® provides the most innovative and reliable Automatic Single Point Lubricator on the market.

Backed by years of research and development, PULSARLUBE offers a wide range of superior products to meet the needs of our customers.

Pulsarlube® provides high quality products and services worldwide through its well-established distribution network.


Electrochemical (Disposable)

  • Pulsarlube E (60ml/ 120ml/ 240ml)
  • Pulsarlube V (125ml/ 250ml)

Spring Type (Refillable)

  • Pulsarlube S (100ml)

Electromechanical (Reusable)

  • Pulsarlube M (60ml/ 125ml/ 250ml/ 500ml)
  • Pulsarlube EX (125ml/ 250ml)
  • Pulsarlube EXP/EXPL (60ml/120ml/ 240ml/ 480ml)


  • Pulsarlube OL500
  • Pulsarlube EO (60ml/120ml/240ml)

Advanced Features

  • Pulsarlube MS (60ml/ 125ml/ 250ml/ 500ml)
  • Pulsarlube MSP (60ml/125ml/ 250ml/500ml)
  • Pulsarlube BT (60ml/120ml/ 240ml)
  • Pulsarlube Mi (60ml/125ml/ 250ml)
  • Pulsarlube PLC (60ml/120ml/ 240ml/480ml)

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